Here are the changes made during the 11/16/23 update:

• Correction of the EXP issue on Paris
• Personal cards bonuses : Harmonization of values in %, particularly for the DCC
• F7 EXP cards can now be used up to level 70
• Revisited F6 drop system
• Added possibility to drop weapon and armor powder directly on maps where you can drop yellow devil stone
• Added Premium jewelry on surprise box distributor
• Reduced guild levels experience
• Reduced the required amount of gems in Crossroads quests
• Reduced the number of gems needed to access the different crossroads maps
• Soulcraft Extractor added to NPC Masters
• The success rate of x7 to x10 amplifications have been increased
• EXP Cards for storing experience have been added to the NPC at the Crossroads
• Possibility of dropping various objects in the Elemental Dungeons, in particular enchant powders (see guide)
• Disabled the Halloween race which had unfortunately remained active
• Reduced selling price of used boots (farm)
• Revision of “Offensive Aura” Spell (Paladin): An additional offensive bonus has been added, damage against monsters will be increased
• Reduced the casting time of “Spin it Bear! “ (in compensation for the use of the aura of power)
• Revision of “Stance” Spell (Harlequin): The passive now grants a bonus to overall attack in addition to the fixed value.
• Increased the duration of the Aim (Ranger) and Focus (Paladin) spells

The DGN Masters team.