Here are the changes made during the update on 10/19/23:

World :
Possibility of obtaining DM Coins at Bone Dragon and Paris boss
Creation of a daily quest to obtain cash from the Masters NPC on POW (Lv 40+)
Orc Field Gold Quest modification : an additional gold reward has been added depending on your character's level
The Dark Hound monster in the Catacombs  zone will no longer ignore your hits
Added a new Yellow Devil soul stone for post Camp Ellora areas and adjusted the drop rate
Increased quantity of DM Coins obtained from monster kill counts for levels 61+

Objects :
Adjusted Secmathian Sentinel set bonuses
Reduction of components required for DM Coins Exchanges
Added Souls and Gold Purse to the IM (Consumption Tab > Forge / Market)
Changed the system for obtaining powders from Devil Soul Stones: from now on they will be bartered with the Masters NPC on POW.

The DGN Masters team