Welcome to the epic world of Dragonica Masters, the private server that redefines the gaming experience in the Dragonica universe!
Immerse yourself in a unique environment, designed with an unparalleled passion for balance and the gradual development of your characters' characteristics.
Our server highlights the rise in skill and mastery of your hero, hence the name:
Dragonica MASTERS.
Changes have been made to ensure that each class can shine in its own area. Whether you're a fearless fighter, powerful mage, skilled archer, or any other archetype, you'll find a balanced and engaging gaming experience here.
New spells and dungeons have been created to help you become the true master of your class, and even of Dragotaka!
We've introduced a dynamic Battle Pass system that rewards your in-game engagement. As you progress through the Battle Pass, you'll unlock exclusive rewards, ranging from dazzling skins and rare items to valuable resources to further strengthen your character.
Whether you're a seasoned Dragonica veteran or discovering this spellbinding universe for the first time, Dragonica Masters offers an exhilarating and immersive adventure. Join us today and discover a world where balance, progression and mastery reign supreme, where every moment spent in the game brings you one step closer to ultimate greatness. Take the reins of your destiny, become an unparalleled class master and conquer the world of Dragotaka!
BETA-TEST starts 30/09/2023

Server Info:
RATES : x1
Version : Chapter 5
Location : France