Dear DGN Masters Adventurers, Your feedback is our compass, and we have heard your concerns. To offer you an even more captivating gaming experience, we are announcing major maintenance planned from 01/11 to 10/11.

Why this maintenance?
  • Response to the decline in in-game activity: We have noted the recent drop in activity, and we are determined to meet the challenge. This maintenance aims to revitalize the realm, introduce significant adjustments based on your feedback, and make DGN Masters a more lively place.
  • Organized Relaunch: Following the recent advertising campaign, we are preparing an organized relaunch. We want to give time for the campaign to take effect and for the return to play to be done collectively so that it is a more fun experience.
  • “Jumping” event: To make your return easier, and encourage newcomers, a special “Jumping” event will be deployed. Start your adventure at level 40 and immediately dive into the action!
    Coupon Event ! : Get Consummables item to start your journey in optimized conditions !
  • Implementation of the First War Expansion: In our quest to reignite interest, we will be integrating the expansion - First War. New quests, new challenges, and new rewards await you.

Rest assured: Your heroes and all your progress will be preserved. You will find your kingdom again, but with renewed opportunities.
We appreciate your understanding and continued support. Together, let's take on the challenge and create a unique experience.

Stay tuned for more details and prepare to rediscover a revitalized Dragonica MASTERS!
See you soon in our evolving kingdom, The Dragonica MASTERS Team