Good morning,
Here are the changes made in the 10/18/23 update:

World :
  • Edited Drag'Os and Paris bosses
  • Edited Monster (Reduced Dodge rate,Defense, Attack)
  • Creation of a repeatable quest to obtain gold in Orc Field (NPC - Ariel)
  • BattlePass 13 quest fixes
  • XP zone maps should no longer stop, removal of the Fire Titan replaced by Kimart.
Objects :
  • Changed bonuses for Bone Dragon sets [Hero]
  • Reduced components needed for graveyard, Bone Dragon Exchanges.
  • Creation of potions MP/HP for 60+
  • Added VC and Drakos scrolls to the IM
  • Reduction of Paris barter items
  • Added Cash poutch in IM (Cons. > Market)
  • Increased drop in F1 chests (added powders)
  • Added pet food to PD4V Masters Npc
  • Removal of gold exchanges from Masters Npc, you can now sell the piece directly.
  • Correction of the name and description of VIP Potions (English)
  • Removing the Cramps and Numbness debuffs

DGN Masters Team