Here are the changes made during the 10/20/23 update:

Soul Craft:
We have considered your comments on the soulcraft, regarding the quantity of farming required for 1 trial as well as the prices in store, consequently we have made the following modifications:
  • Increased sucess chance of Spiritual upgrade
  • Deleted the broke risk when soulcrafting your items up to Rare, it will no longer be necessary to put a scroll before trying to strengthen in Artifact (Risk from Rare to Artifact)
Objects :
  • Increased quantity of powders in Medium bags (M)
  • Increased quantity of Superior DM Coins in monster kill count 60+
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Wood Rush spell (Shadow)
  • Fixed the description of the Lethal Attack effect (Shadow)
We have written a new section on the website to indicate the Farm zones of main items.
Link (Farming Spot tab)

The DGN Masters team