Here is the list of changes made during the update proceeded on 10/15/2023

Powders Obtention:
  • A guide for farming powders has been added to the Discord
  • Increased the quantity of powder in the bags to obtain against Evil Stones
Revaluation of DM boxes:
  • Removed Gada Coin from DM boxes, in return, we added intermediate levels in the monster count to obtain them. This has the effect of increasing your chances of obtaining DM Coins.
Exp Map:
  • Increased experience obtained from mobs
  • Overhaul of the Elite Monsters in the zone
  • Creation of repeatable quests to exchange gems for items (Masters Box or Souls), these will be limited in level (Levels: 20-40 / 30-50 / 40-60 / 50-70)

Miscellaneous :
  • Creation of an exchange for the premium human BattlePass > Drakan with the Master barter NPC at pd4v
  • Added drakan Anukus sets to the graveyard
  • Increased the duration of Hermès shoes from 5 min to 10 min
  • Creation of an exchange BattleCoin > DM Coin with Julie.
  • Removed the binding of the Violent Blow and Staff Mastery spells (Mage)
  • Added monster count stages 200 (10 gadas) 600 (10 gadas) and 800 (15 gadas) in addition to those already present
  • The quest for the 3rd class has been reworked, we decreased asked devil soul stones from 250  to 50

Item Mall:
  • Ice Weapons are now tradeable
  • Added “Woodie Fragments” in order to recycle your objects obtained in the Big wheel, they can be exchanged with Julie to reconstitute a Woodie coin.
  • Added enchantment boxes to the store, quantity limited to 10 per account and 100 in total!

The DGN Masters team