Here are the changes made during the 11/27/23 update:

• Slight increase in bonuses from [Chaos]Jewels of Darkness
• Increased the duration of the following spells: Adrenaline, Wild Rage
• Added the automatic item pickup spell to all pets
• Creation of a quest to obtain the bloody crystal of the black dragon lord after having defeated Elga 30 times - See Mukapa at the Fellowship
• Increased Evan's hitbox in the Warrior class dungeon
• New items at the Grande Roue in Boutique
• Added Elga elemental weapon swap to Gwen for additional options
• Added level 3 elemental jewelry in exchange for blessings
• Reduction of damage from the spells Frozen Shot and Burning Shot: The method of calculating the damage from these spells involved a significant revision of the +%atq in order to be balanced
• Increased damage for 80 Class spells that only inflict a single hit
• Preparation for the Christmas event

The DGN Masters team.